With cold, wet weather now here, now is the perfect time to start experimenting with new foods. One way to create something that is unique is by fusing two classics together to create something you couldn't buy at a supermarket or even at your favourite restaurant. Creating these mash ups can be overwhelming to your palette, a good region to start for inspiration is Italy. With plenty of overlap in terms of flavours and ingredients your new creation will still be guaranteed delicious. 

NEFF in partnership with Nailsea Electrical have created a great fusion dish that combine two Italian dishes, Arancini and Parmigiana. Learn how to create this special dish here:

1. Preheat your NEFF oven at 200 degrees, using the CircoTherm setting 

2. Flatten some leftover risotto into palm sized patties, then add some mozzarella to the centre before rolling into a ball, ensuring the cheese is enclosed in the rice.  

3. Coat the risotto balls, by dipping in flour, egg wash then breadcrumbs. Drizzle over oil and bake for around 15 minutes

4. Using a white onion, two cloves of garlic and a can of plum tomatoes create a sauce, ensure you season at the end with salt and pepper to taste. 

5. Place the Arnacini in a baking dish and pour the tomato sauce in, ensuring even distribution. Top each one with a slice of mozzarella and coat the whole meal in Parmesan. 

6. Bake for around 5minutes until the cheese is melted. Add some leaves of fresh basil and serve. 

To find out more about NEFF Ovens and create your own perfect Arancini contact us at Nailsea Electrical, for flexible delivery options in the Bristol area. Call us today on 0117 924 6002, or if you wish to find out more about the The NEFF Range visit our website for more information. 



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