Your oven door after many uses is vulnerable to getting dirty from a variety of dishes being cooked and taken out of the oven. For hygienic reasons, and to keep your oven in a usable condition, it is important to consistently keep your oven door clean. This video is a guide on how to efficiently remove and clean NEFF's signature Slide&Hide oven door. 

  1. Open the left and right hinge lock by pushing the hinge lock fully upwards with a screwdriver.
  2. Slightly open the oven door.
  3. Use a coin to turn the left and right hand side lock. For the left hand lock, turn clockwise, for the right hand lock, turn anti-clockwise.
  4. Close the door slightly until you can feel the locks engage,
  5. Lift the door handle on the left and right hand side with both thumbs and pull the appliance door out and upwards.
  6. Lay the appliance door frontside facing down on an even, soft and clean surface.
  7. Push on the left and right side of the outside of the appliance door until the inner glass is released. 
  8. Carefully remove both reflectors.
  9. Push the intermediate panel downwards whilst carefully lifting the holder tab, until the panel can be pulled out.
  10. Move the first two intermediate panels up and out.
  11. Clean the glass panels and reflectors on both sides with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not use glass scraper, sharp or abrasive cleaning aids, or any detergents. Do not also touch the LEDs.
  12. Dry and fit the reflectors and then the glass panel.
  13. Place the door in the left and right hand guide rollers simultaneously. Ensure the door does not tilt unevenly and is properly fitted in place.
  14. Turn the door handle up slightly so the appliance door slides down fully.
  15. Use a coin to release both locks on the appliance door. Turn the left door anti-clockwise, and the right lock clockwise. 
  16. Close the door.
  17. Close the left and right hand hinge locks by pushing the both down. 


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