Steam cooking has quickly increased in popularity for true foodies over the last few years. Partially this can be attributed to the increased health benefits, as using steam vastly improves the nutritional quality of the food once cooked, as the cooking process breaks down less of the food in question and intense heat doesn't cook away that which makes food delicious and good for you!


However steam cooking has also increased in popularity because of it's addition to some home ovens, such as those created by NEFF. These latest and most innovative models are versatile and can cook in a variety of ways, with Steam being just one of these, in this handy guide from NEFF you can learn more about using this mode on your oven. 


Using The Steam Function


  • To use Steam you first need to top up your NEFF Ovens water tank. Start by pressing the Hinge button on the panel of your NEFF oven. 
  • Add water up to the fill line then reinsert the water tank into the panel, closing shut afterwards.
  • You can select which Steam function you wish to use, for Full Steam select Steam on your cooking modes. For adding a touch of steam to an existing function press the Steam button on the front of your NEFF oven. 


If you have a Home Connect enabled appliance you can also select steam using your Home Connect App, making it even easier to us this fantastic function!


Known for a host of handy features, Ovens from NEFF combine outstanding performance with innovative features designed to make every day cooking easier for even the most experienced of home chefs, such as the above Steam cooking options. Browse the Nailsea Electrical range of NEFF Ovens, including Home Connect enabled models for even easier use of the built in cooking functions.




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